Putting the manuscript together for The Sedona City of Light with the profound assistance of my partner, Charles Betterton, and Kathie Brodie, makes me feel like a female Indiana Jones seeking a treasure unknown, I have witnessed superb visions beyond belief, and to share them with you has been a personal blessing. Thank you!

I do know, as a student of truth, that in my many playshop sessions, women have been led to become more than they think they are, and they are experiencing a life that is great in all directions, and also that they desire and deserve a higher awareness and healings of various kinds.

In this manuscript I have also included many teachers with their talents who also can lead us. This journey covers a lot of beliefs of mine that I share with you, for whatever you can accept for your own. Is the City of Light Sedona just a mental dream of mine? Perhaps. A wish? Yes, but with that comes a knowing so deep that to see us walking into it is reality that will not be ignored for any reason.

We students walking a path of higher consciousness are aware that miracles do happen, so don’t be surprised if one day a City of Light magically appears equipped with vast healing techniques in superb architecture that only God would display for us mortals, to make us believe that peace on earth is indeed probable, and that somewhere in our past we did something right.

Yes, God has something wonderful planned for you, me and millions of others who will be shown that Heaven on Earth has appeared and all is well.

It has been my profound pleasure to share and give you a peek into the future that is wonder-filled and where all is healed, for this manuscript contains only a portion of hundreds of pages that have been given to me.

I will include the questions I have asked of my Light Intelligences on this page and their answers. This is also an invitation for you to submit your questions for me and perhaps for my Guides.

If you resonate at all with the vision presented in The City of Light Sedona, we invite you to help us further refine and share it with the world. If you have created a product or program that is related to fostering love, light, leadership, awakening, empowerment, enlightenment, healing, etc., we invite you to submit them for possible inclusion as a featured resource from The Light Center.

If you know of other resources or references to “cities of light” and or if you have personal stories of interest to share, please join The Light Center and participate in our blog at https://sedonacityoflight.wordpress.com/

To help us tailor programs from The Light Center that best serve and meet the needs of readers like you, please take a few minutes to share your feedback and recommendations and interests using either the Leave a Reply function or Contact Form below. Thank you!

Your "tour gude" Genii

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  1. Name: Barbara Rudman
    Email: barbararudman@smartpros.com
    Message:Resending because I forgot to check “notify” boxes. Hello, I’ve been on a healing path my entire life. Somehow I lost my true connection to love/light in early childhood yet have been living a “happy & productive” life in spite of that loss. I know there is much more. I know we are living in unprecedented times. I know God will reveal himself and mankind will understand the illusion and finally awaken from it in the New Earth/Golden Age just before us. I know we are about to meet our galactic brothers and sisters who are here to help us. However, I have been duped before and this feels awfully familiar on both counts. Yes, this could very well be just what I havebeen praying for and yes, this could be a craftfully staged scam. I am at a crossroad of belief. Should I or shouldn’t I??? Thank you for your presentation. Can you in any way respond that could help me discern a little more whether or not this is for real? I would like to sign up for any such healing modality if the case for this city is real. With love and light, Barbara

  2. Greetings from Sedona Barbara and thank you for contacting us. Genii is preparing all day for a presentation tonight on The City of Light Sedona. Perhaps she could reply in the next day or so, but I suggest the best ways for you to discover the answers to your questions are first go within and second, read the book. We offer it in print and electronically with a 100% money back guarantee. If you haven’t toured the web site at http://www.sedonalightcenter.org, I would invite you to do so and especially to watch the 3 videos with Genii. Blessings upon you and your journey in discovering and fulfilling your ultimate destiny. Charles Betterton, (Genii’s business partner and publisher)

  3. Barbara, I thank you for bringing up a very real question that is probably on everyone’s mind, when it comes to examining any spiritually based work. None of us wants to be duped or led down a miss-guided path.

    I will offer you my perspective on this work. I have know Genii for about 4 years. She has become a dear friend because I have found her to be truly transparent and of the Light. She walks and talks and practices what she preaches. She is perpetually positive in her outlook, and is always in praise, and never in criticism of anyone. She leads by example. She really is the innocent, light-filled person that comes across in her writings.

    She has genuine spiritual gifts, that hardly anyone else has. She is definitely unique in her abilities to visit The City of Light in her inner vision, and to explore all manner of time and space for others as she gives counseling and especially information on helping people to identify and contact their own spirit guides etc.

    I have taken her class, “The 4 Keys to Light” and I find it to be right on and filled with grace.

    In all of this, there is no need to worry about whether or not it is true, because it will prove itself to be true. The City will eventually manifest, and then other Cities will manifest. The old order of the world will pass away, and the people will be blessed with healings of every kind. All people can just wait and see, and when it happens all will know what is
    going on as it unfolds. These are global events and they will all be carried by the news media. The healing facilities will be open to the public, and everyone is welcome there for their healings.

    For myself, this body of information has rung true in so many ways. I can’t “See” the City yet, but in my senses, I have gone there, and I have experienced some rapid mini-healings or gotten some insights or whatever. I have also come to absolutely trust the information that Geniie gives on our personal guides. Over time, I have worked with this info, and it has proven itself true to me.

    I do a lot of spiritual reading, and have been focused on Spiritual Healing for several years. From all of my background and experience, I rate Genii’s material at the top of the list. It has worked for me.

    I bless your search, and again I thank you for asking the question that many people would ask.

  4. Now You Can have Your Questions About The City of Light Answered by Jedi Genii, Imagine That! Please use this blog page to submit any questions about The City (that aren’t too personal) and Genii will take your questions into meditation and into the Embassy of Peace Headquarters if appropriate and we will post the answers here.

    If you have a personal question, you may send that by email to thegeniiconnection@msn.com. However, given the level of messages and our priority commitment to Charter Members of The Light Center, please do be patient as it may take a while for Genii to be able to answer you personally and privately. Thank you!

  5. I have recently received your book The City of Light Sedona and love it, but would like to know if any cities of light will manifest here in the United Kingdom in the foreseeable future as healing is desperately needed now for various people in trouble here in Kent. The doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are of only limited use and often do more harm than good. Best wishes from Susanne

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