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The Genii

The Genii

For the past couple of years, Genii has been allowed to go into the City of Light. Some of the main visits are posted as pages including:

The Fountain of Light

The Empowerment Emporium

The Birth-aterium

Many more visits to the City of Light are posted under the heading of Buildings and Facilities in the City and The Embassy of Peace Headquarters.

Now that the expanded edition of the book has been published, Genii will post at least one of her amazing visits into The City of Light Sedona here as often as possible, Imagine That!

On this page, Genii will share the essence of other visits and answer your questions. If you have any questions or comments, please log in and ask them.


Morning Message 8/22/08

A Universal Cosmic Community

Re-Entering The Sedona City Of Light!

This morning while doing some paperwork I began to feel quite sleepy. I tried to ignore it but it persisted and then hearing to “go to the City” several times from within I finally gave up; I stopped my world and sat down to envision.

I was invited to go back to the gate complex, and did, as my usual guide/entity La-Luke took me by the left hand. He seemed excited plus in a hurry, so we ran through the gate and then the flowering park I had been to before.

LL: It has been some time since you have returned.

G: What’s up?

LL: New life is being put into place.

We ran for some time until I could see in the distance something shinny black with a silver dome. Pushing aside low hanging tree branches we came to an opening.

There was a huge, and I mean huge, space ship that was lowering a building into place that looked completed. It was like an elevator going down, lowering the building.

G: “Oh my God”, was all I could mutter. “What is this?”

LL: This, Dear One, is why the City of Light does not need to be constructed on a site. This is done elsewhere and brought here ready for viewing.

G: You mean all the buildings you have taken me to have been flown in? From where?

LL: You would say outer space.

G: Good lord! Where in outer space?

LL: Many planets and star clusters have wondrous healing methods of various kinds not seen or developed on your planet. I wanted you to see and know that the City has light instrumentation from many parts of the cosmos. You could call it a cosmos community of Star beings working together to bring harmony through light frequencies to heal this beautiful planet.

G: Imagine that! I am in awe at what I am seeing and hearing. It kind of puts a piece of the City puzzle in place for me. Thanks!

Due to the energy around this action we did not go any nearer, but much activity was certainty apparent. The entitles around it were too far distant to make out any distinctive descriptions.

G: What is this building used for that is now being set in place ?

LL: This building will be occupied by Light Technicians. Healing of the lower extremities like hips, legs, feet, et cetera, is the prime considerations that humans have, from broken bones to those who have perhaps lost a leg or two.

G: I can’t hardly wait to ask this question: Can an amputated leg be replaced?

LL: Yes, to a certain extent. The leg may be gone but the light imprint is still in place, and that is why people can still sense it is there once in a while. Or if desired, an advanced light body leg can be put in its place that is made of light. This is a longer story, but dramatic miracles, as you would call it, can take place here for those who want it.

G: Surely someone in that condition would want an improvement?

LL: Not necessarily. Some may be quite comfortable, as the tender care from loved ones affords them loving attachment to remain the same.

G: Would you believe that!

As I continued to watch the action for an unknown length of time, the building had settled down.

LL: So then moving entire buildings has been observed. Now departure time nears.

And almost immediately the space craft turned on and spun around, which sent frequency waves all the way to us just watching.

These crafts may be UFOs to many but to me they are priceless vehicles that are here in service. And don’t anyone ever try to convince me that they are here to over! P-L-E-A-S-E…to me they are welcome. And so desired ….very!

What a sight as it hovered and then in a flash took off and was unseen. La-Luke took me back to the gate entrance bright eyed and in astonishment.

Imagine that !… 12:31 p.m

Morning Message, 8-23-2008 , 7:00 am

Cosmic Community (continued)

G: Tell me more please re: the space ships of light.

LL: The attributes of the space vehicles has much power, so much so that it can deposit a building on you planet dimension yet can fly from cosmic spaces light years away. How is this done, you might ask?

G: Yes, please.

LL: In other dimensions it is almost weightless.

G: What?

LL: In your world a big plane can carry many passengers and have the power to do so. The maintenance of the space ships have enormous value because it is able to transport a heavy object to its new location. This is why when you and the Dr. Bill thought that you were to build this city, that you were told it was unnecessary.

The cosmic community is also vast. The impression that some have this is the one and only live-living-people planet in the universe is kindergarten thinking and we laugh at its mention, as this is ludicrous!

Now that multitudes of star entities have united in the comforters of contribution of support in that recognizing the continuation of this beautiful planet vowed it should be helped in a different way so people could not only resonate to the higher creator but make it one that could never be ignored.

So the City of Light comes into form to do just that, to be a manifestation in its scope never before experienced and one that could bring people into a healing of themselves that does not take centuries to find the answers of just how to do that.

This City happening has been in prophecy in many cultures, in may ways, just not perhaps in this form. Small imprints have been seen here and there in the minds that are open to receive, and most were dismissed as a figment of an imagination. Now, however, comes the crème de la crème, many buildings of healing have been exposed to you, with many more to follow.

Stay in the light, return and see advancement beyond your planet come into view. Then spread the word that God in its glory has brought forth the highest, dedicated to teach that God really exists for it will make believers believe you me, as you would say, and no one will ever go back to the old worn out ways of thinking how this all came about.

The glow rays of prayers have brought forth the greatest show on earth that has ever happened.

Yes, and all will bow down that such a creator exists. The Holy City of God then rests in the hands of the people. What will they do with it? Even that needs to be discussed. Time will tell…time will tell.

So Dear One, go and seed the world with really new thought. Charles is your strong back up in support as well as Kathie and others to come on board, as well as a few million space friends who bring forth this magnificent manifestation called the Sedona City of Light!

So light it be…now!

7:33 am

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  1. I have been speaking to Michael Quincey, channeler, for SaLuSa. He told me about this Sedona City of Light coming. I can hardly wait and would love to be a part of it somehow. I have a little grandaughter, named Alyssa, who is 7 now and blind, although she sees light. She has a condition called Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, where her optic nerve did not develop as much as it should have. She also has an underdeveloped growth glan, located in the Medulla Obligana (sp). She must take growth hormones and she is a little autistic and does not talk too much, although she does have a sense of humor. What a little angel she is and my pleasure to be around her, for she is a wonderful little gift from our Creator.
    I would love to be able to take her to the Light City. It gives us all hope.
    Thank you for your work.

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