Do You Speak Space?

Do You Speak Space?
July 27, 2009


In the early quiet of a summer Sedona morning I mentally permit to wait until I
enter another dimension where I have been previously invited. In vision now I
stand at the same gate as usual with a few people scattered here and there
admiring this massive five-story entrance. It was here that I heard a voice say,
“Behold, I bring you glad tidings of great joy”. Whether it was on a loud speaker
or just in my head I am not sure, but it did make one feel they were in the right
place at the right time.

I move myself through the gate and into the park and onto a massage bench.
What a great feeling to begin any tour. I opened my eyes from this deluxe
moment to see this park was empty. (My people come and go quickly.) At this
point my vision went totally blank; no picture, no sound, nothing for a few

Upon seeing again, there before me stood not one, not two, but three male robed
entities. They smiled and nodded for me to rise and follow. I did, and as we
passed through the very large willow trees, one went to the left and one to the
right while the third took my arm and we went ahead. “Where now?” I wondered.
We walked only a short distance when before us was a building that was shaped
like a flying saucer space vehicle. Now, some of the white buildings I have seen
did have space vehicles like gold domes on them, but I’d bet this one couldn’t fly.
I wondered if we were going there. As I said this, I picked up an unusual energy
buzz from the top of my head to the ground, and I swear I lifted an inch off. This
was like Sci-Fi stuff, and I was getting excited!

We walked in through the misty shielded doorway, and by golly it did look
something like a space interior like in the movies but all peaceful and no anxiety
anywhere. It was really quite pleasant. Okay, now what? Coming through
another entrance was another male that, when I looked at him his face changed
a bit, kind of like what Wayne Dyer said, “Change the way you look at things, and
the things you look at will change”. (I’m not sure he meant it that way but . . . ?)
This one was really changing, one minute looking like a human sort and the next
something else, not bad or gruesome just a flick, change. It was mesmerizing,
but fun.

“Welcome”, was the sounding word that seemed to float in the air like a melody.
“You speak space?”

“Ah, what does that mean?” I said slowly.

“It is obvious that you do not, so we will speak in your tongue. Come and sit with
me,” he replied, and he led me into another so called ‘pod’, and he suggested I
just call it a room. Whatever. He was dressed in a kind of uniform, with soft light
blue fabric that … oops, that is changing as well. Oh, my.

“You are interested in Jedi ways?”

“Yes”, my answer came quickly.”

“You wish no darkness of mind?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“The measure of light and darkness of thinking makes for havoc on your planet.
We are here to change that concept, not to control anyone. Quite the contrary.”

“Excuse me. Who are you and am I having an illusionary moment?” He leaned
back and smiled, or at least I think it was a smile.

“I am Taluna, Master of Illusionary Premonitions, and this building is so futuristic
in your world. Some might not even see it or would feel it is a figment of the
mind. This building exists for several reasons here in the City of Light . You have
been to the Embassy of Light and have seen many entities in the large theater
seated in the background. Is this so?”

GENII: “Yes,” I say, trying not to look excited.

TALUNA: “Your wish is being granted as we take an advanced tour, and you will
see what light projections can really accomplish within a short period of time.
This City of Light is for advanced healing techniques, and little by little we have
introduced new ways to use light in your laboratories to be found and used. As
you know, it takes far too long to cure with the slow methods now being used.
Now masters of these light healings make so called new break-throughs that they
think they have invented, and they did, with a little help from unseen friends.”

“Your movies and films depict anything from beyond this planet must be either
untrue or out to make trouble, like in the Jedi movies, et cetera, except for a few
where positive is the basis of the film. With us it is all light, and only love
penetrates, for that is what light is.”

GENII: “Is this why I am so interested in Jedi techniques and laws?”

TALUNA: “Precisely. You have seen the Jedi performances many times. Would
you like to meet real Jedi masters and understand what they really represent?”

GENII: “Oh, yes,” quickly came my reply.

TALUNA: “Then we shall have you return to this Jedi training center and you can
be given instructions to heighten your human understanding of just what power

And with that he stood up, raised his hand over my head and I felt a love shiver
from the top of my head to the ground, going straight through my body like I have
never felt before.

GENII: “You mean there is really a process of Jedi-ing?” I stood up as he

TALUNA: “Of course. Where do you think the movies got the idea in the first
place? And are you not to speak about the City, which runs on this premise
behind the scenes?”

GENII: “Well, I do have a Light Saber.”

He laughed as he said, “Play toys. Come be in the Jedi world for a bit and see
what helps make this healing city a City of Light and Healing.”

With this he stepped out, and I was led to follow back to the gate where I was
met by my original guide, La-Luke.

La-Luke looked at me and said, “Well, how was that?”

GENII: “Oh, guess what I get to learn? The Jedi ways!”

LA-LUKE: “I know. Congratulations,” he replied, and promptly disappeared.

And I did too, back to Sedona to continue my day in my world, knowing it was
going to be good because I am happy. Imagine that!

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