The Light Center

The Light Center is a non-profit membership organization based in Sedona, Arizona. The Light Center was incorporated on April 7, 2008 to help individuals become more empowered and enlightened and realize accelerated personal and spiritual development.

The Light Center will publish and produce and distribute educational programs, products and services that foster Love, Imagination, Growth, Healing and Awakening to True Spiritual Identity.

The foundation of the Teachings of The Light Center includes “New Thought” Science of Mind principles and practices. Cofounder Genii Townsend and her late husband, Rev. William Townsend, were entrusted with a vision and plot plans for a “City of Light” prophesized to manifest over Sedona, Arizona. The vision is similar to many other revelations and prophecies including Ken Carey’s description of Mobile Cities of Light in The Starseed Transmissions.

For several decades, Genii has created and facilitated classes on The 4 Keys to Light, 13 Goddesses of Inner Light, and “playshops” on topics such as Women’s Empowerment, Inner Child Healing, etc. Genii has founded or co-founded several non-profit groups designed to help participants awaken and become more empowered including GLOW, (Gathering Light Of Wisdom), The Wonderful World of Wishes and Ultimate Destiny University.

For more than 30 years, Genii’s has been instructed to keep a low profile and protect the secret documents regarding the coming forth of the City of Light. Now Genii’s Guides have advised her that now is the time for her to share the information in her stewardship with any others who may be interested.

It was that guidance that led to the incorporation of The Light Center and this invitation for you to discover how you might participate. A simple Interest Survey Form has been developed for you to share your areas of interests, your background and experiences.

The initial base of operations for The Light Center is Genii’s home in Sedona. We have transformed a 200 square foot room into an interim training, conference and meeting room for 12 participants. We welcome donations and invite you if you resonate with the Vision and Mission of The Light Center to help equip and furnish the permanent Light Center facility we are seeking to locate.

Please sign up for our free ezine published by Ultimate Destiny! You can choose The City of Light Sedona (and any or all) of our related topics on: personal growth and development; community empowerment; spiritual enlightenment; Infopreneurship; New Thought; CENTER SPACE; conscious sustainable living and Universal StewardHeirShip™. The Subscribe Button is at

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  1. The time is now! – This site is a great resource and gathering place for Genii followers. Thanks

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