Energy Healing With Genii and Roger

Energy Healing With Genii and Roger

I am excited to see what can take place with Roger Dycaza, as he enters the City
for the first time after being invited to the Embassy, where I have never taken
anyone before. My envision showed that we and many others were also entering.
One look at smiling Roger told me he had found the reason for his transmission
healing work. Yes, this was it; the reason for it all.

Suddenly La-Luke appeared and tapped Roger on the shoulder startling him a
bit. They introduced themselves as we entered through the encoded entrance.
Roger was grinning trying to take this all in. ‘”This is magnificent” he muttered.
Then it was into the park of relaxation where he got his first taste of what a
massage bench was for as he relaxed on one.

La-Luke motioned that the wheel-less trolley to the Embassy was waiting. The
trolley waited patiently as we three climbed aboard, tipping it a bit on its nothing
underpinnings, and then zoom … we literally flew over the ground. Roger tried to
take in all the buildings we passed and before long we were in front of the
beautiful Embassy building entrance while Roger tried not to miss anything.

The melt-through doors brought us into the lush gardens and the beauty to be
enjoyed. That was followed quickly by being led into the main chamber that held
hundreds of beings (most not seen but surely felt) headed up by 5 entities at the
main table in front of us. The center speaker was OOO-LON, whom I have met
here many times … a male light filled with such love and wisdom that it can take
one’s breath away. How blessed we are to be in his presence.

My usual throne-type chair now had one more added for Roger. He took a deep
breath, trying to believe all that he was seeing, and wondering what or who he
was not privy to see in the rear audience. But there was no doubt that there were
plenty of beings here, believe you me. We were escorted to our chairs where we
were seated and acknowledged.

OOO-LON: “We see you have fulfilled your mission with the dark haired human.
Sir you work with the humanoids. You can be readied to help them even more as
you now have direct contact with the ‘ENERGISTS’ of space content. High
esteem beyond your earth channel ways. Your work so far has the imprint of
what has healing effects; is this true?”

Roger worked hard in this scene to get the word ‘yes’ out. It was clear to see he
was overwhelmed with what is taking place as well he should be. I know.

Talking about a ‘City’ to appear out of nowhere is one thing, but actually being in
it is another, and then having a space person ask him a question was almost too
much on a first visit.

OOO-LON continued,” So you would be willing to have an expert scientific
cosmic teacher show you how to use what you have and add even more?”

Roger nodded his head, said “Yes” and that he would be honored.

OOO-LON: “Good then, meet your space teacher of ‘EMORGY’. It is advanced

Appearing from his left side, an entity stepped forward. The appearance was of
an aged man with many wrinkles, but with eyes that shone like spotlights in the
dark, and his face shone, as well as his silver blue 2-piece suit and boots to
match. This was quite an entity I thought, but I am getting used to everything
being different. This one is indeed pure light!

He spoke and in our language “My tone name is. YA-FU-FUS, but you may call
me ‘YA’. I speak in your tongue. You speak space?”

Roger shook his head no.

YA continued, “YA will suffice. I will speak in ‘EMORGY’ tone for understanding.

As the ‘EMORGY’ comes to you, the understanding will too.” At this point I
thought I might have to pick Roger off the floor, but it proved that was not
necessary. I asked him if he was all right and he answered “Yes, just amazed.”
YA: “Then new student, this is how we shall begin. When you go in to your quiet
space of meditation I shall send you messages through this new energy system,
so it is important that you be open to receive and record what is transferred to
you. Keep a record somehow of what is said. You understand YA?”

Roger: “How often will these transmissions come?”

YA: “You will know when they arrive. Take time out to receive. Picture the vision
taking place right now as I am speaking with you and the transmission
information shall begin for note taking. Don’t get frustrated or worried as this may
take a few YA visits to set your mental course, you understand?”

Roger: “Yes, I look forward to being able to learn more. Thank you. Thank you.”

YA: “Any more questions?”

Roger: “No, I have to digest all this I guess. It is a bit overwhelming and on such
a grand scale. Amazing!”

And with this YA bowed, turned and left the scene with a murmur coming from
the unseen audience.

OOO-LON: “As for the Genii … stay open. Your changes come in quickly. Be the
light you are and we shall rest in the wisdom of your knowing.”

La-Luke motioned us it was time to leave and we did after acknowledging the
leaders, and we headed for the door, the trolley, the park and the gate.
With a hug from Roger and La-Luke, I found myself back sitting in a car
somewhere in Cottonwood, Arizona waiting for Charles to come back from his
visit with new friends.

And that is the beginning of a new story for Roger.
So Light it be!

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